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Frequently Asked Questions About Texas Assisted Living and Memory Care

Let’s break down the affordable cost of assisted living in Carrollton, TX. The latest data from Genworth Financial says the average price for assisted living in the United States is $4,500 per month. Senior assisted living in Texas averages $3,998. The Dallas area, near Carrollton, costs $4,195. Usually, assisted living and memory care are more cost-effective outside of big-city urban regions. Visit Carrollton Gardens to learn more!

Insurances like Medicare may pay for some services seniors receive in their homes or nursing care facilities. However, these programs do not pay monthly room and board costs in a residential care community. Contact Texas Health and Human Services or the senior living experts in our community for more information.

Assisted living combines health care, personalized support, and daily enjoyment. Facilities like nursing homes in Carrollton, TX are generally more clinical and medical-based. Assisted living communities promote an independent and healthy lifestyle. Skilled nursing helps injured, or chronically ill seniors recover and return to their previous living situation.

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