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Carrollton Gardens is our senior living community in Carrollton, TX. Welcome to memory care and assisted living services that inspire independence. Our team of professionals caters to the needs of older adults, providing them with everything they require to enjoy their retirement. Apart from personal care, we organize cultural events, live entertainment, holiday parties, and patriotic observances to enhance the quality of life for Texas seniors.

Vision Statement

To become the most trusted Senior Living provider and employer “Imaginable”.

Our Features

Assistance You Need or Desire

At our senior living community, residents can leave the worries of chores and maintenance behind and instead engage in diverse activities that promote overall well-being. Our restaurant-style dining room offers delicious chef-prepared meals that provide the nutrition for healthy aging.

To improve physical health, we offer fitness classes, while games and live music encourage social connections. For seniors looking for adventure, we organize day trips to places like the Cavanaugh Flight Museum, ​​Farmers Branch Historical Park, or the Botanical Garden at Heritage Park. Our enthusiastic team is dedicated to providing the necessary support and services to enable residents to pursue their passions and interests. We are committed to creating a vibrant community where older adults experience joy and freedom.

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Visit Us and Experience the Difference. This is Boutique Senior Assisted Living and Memory Care in Carrollton, Texas.

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